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Department of Cardiac Diseases and Surgery

Department of Cardiac Diseases and Surgery

(The first consultant cardiologist in the Arabian Gulf, who holds a PhD in heart disease diagnosis and surgery.)
Having a heart disease is a difficult experience for humans, and it turns into a bitter experience if your pet friend suffers from it because he cannot express his pain. Heart disease is usually hereditary (present at birth) or acquired over a lifetime. Pets may suffer from a variety of heart problems of varying severity.
Therefore, we are keen, through our distinguished medical team, to provide the highest level of service for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases using echocardiography, cardiac sonar, or electrocardiogram. The echocardiogram or sonar examination of the heart is one of the most recent devices used in this, and it is a special examination of the heart using ultrasound and the Doppler feature.
The echocardiogram is the most important means of diagnosing heart diseases in all living organisms, as it gives an accurate picture of the heart's anatomy, structure, and size. It also allows knowing the speed and directions of blood inside the four chambers of the heart and through its four valves using the color Doppler feature. And the examination helps determine the time of therapeutic intervention and determine the appropriate treatment plan.

  •  Electrocardiography

As for the electrocardiogram or electrocardiogram, it is an examination that allows the diagnosis and knowledge of the causes of heart attacks resulting from an increase or decrease in the number of heartbeats from the normal rate in dogs and cats, and this examination is of great importance for following up on heart patients and critical cases.

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